ender will save me.

>> 28.5.10

by marnee

Buried letters of unsend feelings
Keeping all the surpressed memories behind.
Shuffled union of deceiving thoughts came rushing
as you tried to ease the pain by covering all the mistakes
Are these letters enough?
i just have to stay in my illusions where i am with my hopeful fantasy
Are you ready to reveal this feeling?
For your answer, i am going to wait.
Though i am too deaf to hear everything from you.
i'll pause;
until you come back.

freefall's note: The harder i push, the further i fall. well, you don't mind me being headstrong. but you don't want to sing along. maybe its trite but i can always be wrong. try not to be wrong.

marnee, i know how DC had touched you.


In my ten thousandth puff of lights

>> 6.5.10

Every night will be moonless.
There will be no more dustily sparks to ever twinkle again
My cups of coffee will be cold, and i
Will forever blame teranum’s chillness that stirs my every corner.

My sole will walk the grainy sand, and i
will be saved by the smokes from my parched lips
that will somehow keep the solitude warm.

And, i
Will forever thank the rain
for easing the fire beneath
the waters in my eyes

Soon, longing will fade
Yes, soon.
As the last teardrops of summer falls.

Freefall's note:
Natagpuan ko sa mga lumang gamit na itatapon ko na sana, nakasulat sa gamit ng table napkin at nakaipit sa pagitan ng mga lumang pahina ng aking college notebook. Ilang taon na ba ang lumipas? Tatlo. Mrahil apat. Kung saan o kailan o kung bakit ko sinulat, hindi ko na alam. Marahil pampalipas oras. Marahil para sa ngayon at sa darating na tag-ulan. Marahil para sa’yo. Paalam. Pinilit ko ang ulan kaya’t wag ka ng mag-abalang ito’y pigilan pa.


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