>> 19.1.10

you made me shiver in the cold -
veins unraveling in commotion
my heart grew faster in beating
and, you made my eyes
tired of waiting for nothing
i was lost.

you showed miniscule of affection
but overflowing eviction.
by the endearing shelter of fame
and fancies of my dreams
crushed, i am now.

yet still
i could not forego; and
leave chain behind chain
i am tired but afraid -
to be wielded in the abyss again.

i could somehow
let go of you - forget.
but i am holding on.

freefall's note: wrote this one sometime in 2006, and was published in THE WESTERNIAN ADVOCATE'S EKWILIBRIYO 2ND EDITION. people thought this was some kind of my lovesick poems. but, it's not. this tells about everything i have inside. 


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