>> 17.1.10

it is all there
broken and ripped off.

scattered thoughts
behind the darkened soul.
memory bank opens, and i
hysterically pick up
the pieces from nowhere.

with fake laughter
that longs for space and
a big gulp of that longed tequila
add a puff of lights
that drown into cold embraces,
surviving still.

then, silence for the soul
sigh, a deep deep sigh,
soon, a drop of tear falls
and it clouds the vision
finally, pain has lessened.

and now, i
kneel right before your coldness.

freefall's note: what could be worse that waking up everymorning without knowing what real love is. Not because you are born with innate vileness but because no one was ever there to atleast make you feel its marvelous magic.such a saddening curse!


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