>> 10.1.10

it came by surprise
like a blown fuse
that suddenly fired everything around
our silhouettes,
masked ourselves behind darkness
it made rooms for us at dawn
amidst the querulous verity of each breath
i was chained in lacquered intimacy
but you were cold.
you were hard.
you were made of stones.
you exhibit no motion
and only my fingertips felt the passion
marks on your back
evidence of insanity

sometimes, i run.
only to realize that the ocean awaits
to catch my tears -
and it pains.

freefall's note: inspired by pgymalion and galathea love story. oh, pygmalion, how you turned me into a lovesick fool, i don't really know. haha.

He was the every reason of this poem. ngunit ang lahat ay nagbago isang araw matapos itong malimbag. Ikaw. Ikaw na ang lahat.


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