>> 13.1.10

i can still remember
the first time it feels pain - bizarre.
it bleeds like a broken sonata
that cries over a pale moonlight
with doubt, it stains the sheet
that uncovers the nudity that lies before
my stolen limpidness.

furtively smiling as it tears
like flood
deeply longing- starvation of flesh
as the four corners of this holy place
become the only mute witness
of my betrayal to HIM.

monthly, it bleeds over the ache
though nothing is positive
and i know - i am still in safe stage.

you, come on.
take this off.
i am giving you the last chance
to enter my holy life and crash my wounded soul
once more

tomorrow, i shall speak to HIM
and ask for mercy
i am going to have
my final vow.
freefall's note: i just wonder, are they all as pure as the angels in heaven?


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